About us Company Overview


Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, Inc. is a premier wholesale supplier and distributor of an extensive selection of over 1000 famous perfume and cosmetic brands.  We consider each and every customer a partner with the common goal of growing lucrative businesses.  Our world class team at Cosmopolitan will go the extra mile to ensure reliable, secure, and timely shipment of the products you need.

Founded in 1975 carrying 25 fragrance lines, and growing exponentially over our 45+ years in business, we now stock over 1000 of the top fragrance and cosmetic brands in the world.  Our keen attention to superb customer service, accessibility, and constant improvements in warehouse processing and technology, has allowed us to become a preeminent force in the wholesale distribution business within the fragrance and beauty industry. 

Headquartered in New York City, our spacious warehouses in the Tri-state region give us direct access to the largest import and export lanes for perfumes and beauty products in the world.  Cosmopolitan’s state-of-the-art warehousing facilities allow our certified shipping team to safely, efficiently and securely ship worldwide.


Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, Inc. has become successful due to the values and finely tuned practices that are built into every single step of our wholesale distribution business model.  By adhering to our commitment to provide exceptional service along with offering a diversified product selection, we understand that our customers will benefit, and thus will partner with us for the long-term.

Cosmopolitan Cosmetics Inc. is devoted to:

  • Maintaining a loyal commitment to both our suppliers and our customers, creating a stable link in your supply chain
  • Striving to offer a vast array of inventory, strategically purchased to ensure that trending products are acquired with competitive pricing for our customers
  • Providing unparalleled customer service with prompt action in processing and delivering products, thus cultivating long-lasting professional relationships


Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, Inc. proudly serves an impressive array of companies including wholesalers, large brick-and-mortar stores, small niche retailers, duty-free, websites, individual sellers etc.…  Because of the variety of our customer base, Cosmopolitan is well equipped to efficiently handle all types of customer inventory needs.  Our long history of expedient service and commitment to excellence has made Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, Inc. a highly respected and well-known fixture in the beauty products industry.

The retail landscape is constantly evolving, and Cosmopolitan is responsive in adapting to the changes that occur.  Our internet fulfillment department is a great example of how we are helping you maximize your brand potential.  Our new user-friendly, modern website allows for easy and efficient online ordering and invoice tracking.  Staying up to date on the latest pricing and sale items is a cinch once you are approved for the website.

At Cosmopolitan we always take the partnership to the next level.  We understand that cash on hand is important to running a business, which is why we accept multiple payments including bank wire and credit card. For your larger orders we offer special credit terms to help you maximize your cash flow.